Specialist In Equipment Technology Now Represents BEKA In Quebec

eco-trak-logoDonnacona, QC – Construction fleets throughout Quebec know Eco-Trak Industrie Inc. as an innovator and leader in home-grown technologies for improved productivity. Now, the firm has stepped beyond its proprietary devices for the first time, to become Beka-Lube Products Inc.’s autolube dealer in Quebec.

The owner of Eco-Trak, Clément Gauvin, explains that his goal in representing BEKA products is to add value for his large customer base. “We have been successful with our line of equipment accessories that we engineered here in Quebec and we are calling on construction companies throughout the province,” say Gauvin. “We were looking for additional complimentary products that would be valuable to customers when they are purchasing a new piece of equipment. Automatic lubrication fits into those needs and opportunities. The BEKA autolube system is a German-made precision product, so we were confident in the quality.”

Founded in 2008, Eco-Trak is based near the city of Quebec, in Donnacona, and maintains three sales offices in the province. The firm offers three product lines developed by their in-house engineering team:

  • A bucket scale, used to capture load weights on wheel loaders.
  • A range-limiting device, installed to define danger zones in the work area for digging equipment.
  • A 2D digging system, which measures and displays the depth of an excavation in real time.

Eco-Trak deploys a fleet of service trucks throughout its territory to support fielded equipment. Gauvin’s staff is working closely with Beka-Lube to provide prospective customers with detailed quotes and specifications for new autolube installations before the sale. Eco-Trak engineering is receiving special training from Beka-Lube to review proposed systems in detail once a quote is approved. “We will be checking each configuration onsite to assure the customer, and ourselves, that the machine is well-covered to meet its ongoing lubrication needs.”

Eco-Trak’s SUMMIT loader scale continuously measures and displays the weight of bucket loads in real time. It can also total the amount of loaded material moved over multiple cycles to accurately track, for example, the full load moved into a truck or stockpile. The device can be configured to record and print load reports for up to 20 clients and 12 different materials.

The LIMIT-PRO range limiter defines safe operating limits for the boom and bucket of an excavator or backhoe. The device can set up to three zone limits for operating reach or height, and it emits an audible alarm when one of the prescribed danger zones is approached.

LIMIT-PRO devices can also be operated in tandem with Eco-Trak’s GUIDE-PRO, which continuously monitors the depth of an excavation as the machine is digging. Utilizing the same laser technology as the range limiter, the 2D digging system provides colour-coded displays to alert the operator when the target depth is reached, and when it is exceeded.

While these products differ from BEKA lubrication in function, Gauvin sees similarities in the philosophies behind them. “All of these products are intended to reduce effort and increase productivity on the jobsite,” he explains. “Autolubrication saves time for operators and equipment technicians, so they spend more time producing. BEKA systems use the highest grade materials, so they deliver a high level of reliability themselves while they keep the machinery working dependably, too. Our customers will earn more as they spend less time servicing and face less unplanned downtime for their equipment.”

Jacquie McDougall, Chief Operating Officer of Beka-Lube Products Inc., was pleased to welcome Eco-Trak as her newest dealer. “Clément has built a company that understands the fast-moving nature of this busy industry. His group is well prepared to carry our message to the right people, and to respond quickly as customers acquire new machines. We’re fortunate to have someone with this level of technical expertise on board to support the BEKA product line here in Quebec.”

About Beka-Lube Products Inc.

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