Waste Is Good For Business At Mack Manufacturing

THEODORE, AL While most industry sectors for material handling equipment have been in lean times through the recent economic downturn, Mack Manufacturing has been building its business on waste!

As Mack’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Matt Davidson, explains, “The waste industry has been one of our most active sectors recently. As we’ve seen, garbage has to keep moving no matter what the economy is doing.”

Davidson admits that, normally, the volume of municipal waste in the country tends to fluctuate in step with economic activity. However, increased interest in using domestic waste as a fuel for energy production has created new demands for specialized material handling equipment.

Mack 5 tine electro-hydraulic grapples have quickly become the #1 choice in the waste-to-energy markets.

“Our new grapple orders in this area have been primarily for use in energy-from-waste plants,” Davidson says. “Our clients, many of them industry leaders have been developing great new technologies for producing safe, clean energy from household garbage. By changing the methods and technologies for processing waste material, the industry is also changing its requirements for grapples and buckets.”

Davidson notes that about 6% of America’s energy is currently produced from combustible renewable biomass and waste. As other fuels continue to rise in cost and as landfill space becomes more scarce, he sees plenty of room for expansion in energy-from-waste (EFW) projects.

The mainstay of Mack’s business in energy-from-waste production is its line of 5-tine electro-hydraulic grapples. While Mack publishes extensive catalogs of grapple and bucket specifications for most crane applications, Davidson says that the firm has not developed a standard spec for its energy-from-waste products. “There are still relatively few of these plants operating in America,” he continues, “and every plant is a little different. We have a lot of product history to draw on, but it’s our practice to custom-design every grapple to suit the specifics of each EFW application.”

Davidson feels his firm is well positioned to support the needs of energy-from-waste producers. The Mack facility in Theodore, AL, maintains a highly experienced in-house engineering department, which works closely with customer service and support staff to ensure its designs are responsive to the individual needs of customers.

Typical installations require self-contained electro-hydraulic waste grapples in the range of 3 to 10.5 yard capacity. While most Mack grapples utilize familiar hydraulic controls operated through a solenoid valve, models are also available with the reversing motors preferred in some processes based on European technologies. Typical installations require self-contained electro-hydraulic waste grapples in the range of 3 to 10.5 yard capacity. Mack also offers traditional 4?line grapples featuring the lighter weight steel and narrower tines recommended for all its waste-handling attachments. 

Incinerator grabs are the most demanding waste application for Mack engineers. Mack offers a full line of self-contained hydraulic grapple and cable-operated grapples for feeding energy-from-waste incinerators. These units, however, feature heavier construction, heat-resistant materials and Viton hydraulic seals to endure the harsh incinerator environment.

About Mack Manufacturing

Mack Manufacturing is a global leader in industrial material handling attachments, specializing in heavy-duty hydraulic grapples and buckets for overhead cranes and mobile equipment. Established in 1942, Mack continues to operate as a family-owned business committed to the development of highly skilled welders, fabricators and support staff. Mack’s head office facility in Theodore, AL, is fully equipped to complete every step of attachment manufacturing and remanufacturing tasks under one roof, from engineering to precision machining to final finish.

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